Monday, October 19, 2009

This one's for the Mario Kart DS players: Why I hate you

So I take it you like playing Mario Kart on Wifi? I bet you do, it's pretty fun. I like doing it too. However, you should stop being a shithead. Here is everything you do that I hate:

-Rainbow Road. Yes, it's the hardest track, but that doesn't mean it's the only track. Do you think it's fun to play on this one so much? It's not. Something I think is funny though is that people tend to choose this one when they're doing badly. If you're doing bad, why do you pick a harder track? If the trend continues, then you'll just do worse. And if you're good on this track, it doesn't show any skill. It just means that you spend too much time on this particular track.

-Disconnecting. I don't care if you're losing, stay in the damn game. I can sympathize if you're just not as good as the other players and can't keep up, but if we have a close match and I win, stay in the game and accept that you failed. Disconnecting doesn't mean it didn't happen, it just makes it look like you're a small child who's angry about losing.

-"Snaking." This is a fancy term for "hold down R and move the control pad left and right a few times and then let go of R." It's that boost that happen when you do that. Go ahead and do it when you actually use drift. I use it pretty often for that. If you're using it on straight track to get ahead, I hate you. This doesn't show skill, in fact this shows blatant absence of skill. I used to do it myself, then I realized it was stupid and stopped. I'm still damn good at it though. Whether you always do it or only when you're angry that you're losing, I'll always do it back, and I'm probably better at it. Actually, something I've noticed a lot is that the crybaby players (people who are kind of good but disconnect if you beat them) often resort to this if they're not winning. Then they disconnect when they lose. I hope they break their DSs out of frustration.

A BIT OF IRONY: I'm playing the game online as I make this post and the game I joined after writing "Snaking" involved one player named "crybaby." It disconnected at the beginning of the race, during the countdown.

-"Figure 8 Circuit" is not for snaking. Everyone seems to decide that even if they don't snake in other courses, they can do it here. You can't do it here. That is all.

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