Monday, April 21, 2008, the most hilarious website on the internet!

If you've been reading the statistics to my YouTube videos, you'll notice a significant amount of clicks from . I'd like to give these guys a number of awards for their intelligence and sense of humor. 

- The videoCWK Sarcasm Detection Award -
When it comes to detecting sarcasm, these guys know what they're doing. From obviously sarcastic remarks like "Mustard is the best condiment, if you disagree you're wrong" to more difficult to detect things such as "I'm the most awesome person in the world," they have no idea what they're doing at all when it comes to sarcasm detection. You could tell someone from these boards they were on fire and they'd believe you. 

- The videoCWK Good At Annoyance award -
These guys are really annoying. Or so they think. They get text raping mixed up with appearance compliments and waste hours of their life talking about how much people are losers without lives. But don't tell them, or they might do something horrible that'll earn them something like this next award.

- The videoCWK Supreme Hilarity Award - 
They are hilarious. Watch as you jokingly tell them they're wrong about an opinion and they break out into an explosion of "he has no life" and "he must be a loser." The only thing that makes it funnier is when you encourage them because of how hilarious it is and they take it as a white flag. Oh, but the hilarity ensures on! Before you know it, almost all your new YouTube videos will get the most clicks from that site because they love them so much and try to hide it with more hilarious attempts at insults. It's so hilarious, you'll find yourself going as far as making blog posts to encourage them further and watch as their lives waste away during their 20 page threads about how great they think they are. Go on, try it!

Those are all the awards they get. Make sure to check out their threads about me, you'll laugh as hard as I did.


Anonymous said...

You know you love BLMM.

[I'm mrsblake btw]

Anonymous said...

You have big balls...
Bigggg balls, my friend.

LOL! I love you mustardfucker.
Even though I hate you as well.

Although like 80% of this was all mean, I'm taking it as a compliment....Hahaha!

(BTW, this is Shayne)