Thursday, May 15, 2008

Honeycut is an incredible music group

Seriously, these guys are great. I got their CD after about a month and a few weeks of scouring the area for it by ordering it at Barnes and Noble and today I picked it up. It's called "The Day I Turned To Glass" and it's their only CD yet. It's great. Their music is like no other band (and I don't mean it's like every "unique" rock band ever) and probably not quite like anything you've heard before. I discovered them through Apple's iMac ad (the one for the aluminum iMacs with them rotating for a bit and then it's over) and in the welcome video for OS X Leopard. Both used their song Exodus Honey, and I liked it so much I had to look them up. Problem is, they aren't nearly popular enough for a band of their magnitude. You should definitely try listening to their 30 second previews on iTunes. Here's the link: The Day I Turned to Glass

Anyway, I have a cat now. He's really great, I got him a few weeks ago. Have some pictures:

Also, I ordered two Franz Ferdinand CDs on eBay. The first one is the single, Your Diary. The other is the two disc special edition of their first album, Franz Ferdinand. It's got five songs on it. If you're not feeling not lazy, don't look up what songs they have.

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