Sunday, August 10, 2008

Delaware is cool

I was just in Delaware for a few days, just got back. It was cool. We were in the Rehoba (pretty sure I got the name wrong, but I definitely spelled it wrong) beach area. I didn't actually go to the beach though, since I don't like beaches that much. Instead, I went on the boardwalk. That was pretty cool. There was this one arcade (Playland arcade I think) that had a Pump It Up machine. I got a high score so hooray for that ("VCWK" is my high score name). It was pretty fun, it'd been a while since I played PIU. If there were some reputable metal homepads for it and some more home versions I'd get those. I do have that Cobalt Flux in the basement (a very popular metal DDR pad) that I could use for PIU, but if you're a non-biased dance gamer then you'll know that in order to properly play Pump, you need to have the properly sized diagonal arrows as on the machine.
What I never understood was why Pump is so unpopular in the US. It's so much more fun than DDR ever will be, and was better than ITG by a hair, yet still no one likes it. Maybe they're not manly enough for Pump's better charts or harder songs.

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