Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Other interesting things at Best Buy

Other than proving to myself that Promedia 2.1s were better than Logitech Z-2300s, a few other interesting things happened while I was there. I was around for a little while since I didn't want to hang around while my mom took my sister around for shoe shopping and got stuck in traffic. Anyway here are things that I saw:

Bose cube speakers in both the single and double cube config's sitting on shelves. They were connected to nothing, they didn't have security devices on them and could be picked up and placed elsewhere. They actually had a few speakers from other brands like that, as in other ones that could fit in a big pocket. What was their purpose?

There was an Indian guy squeezing the Bose sats described above. I saw the whole thing. First he picked up a cube and squeezed it pretty hard. Then he grabbed a double-cube and squeezed that too. Then a Bose center. Maybe he was testing them for ripeness? If so, that might be why all those speakers were left out, so people could see if they were ripe. He may have just been trying to remove the grill though.

Insignia brand computer speakers. They were tiny. Really tiny. They were pretty much a cheap laugh for anyone into audio. The sats probably went down to 250hz. Then the "sub" had what was probably a 2.5" driver. I laughed when I looked at it.

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