Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh that's funny

I thought it was pretty funny that iHome calls the drivers on one of their clock radios "Reson8 drivers." It's like a clever way to say "don't turn this up." The cabinet resonates with everything at any volume. It sounds decent (for an iPod clock radio that costs $90 anyway...) until you turn it up. Devo made this noticeable. I was listening to Whip It and the coloration from the resonance was so bad at high volumes that the singer sounded like he had a piece of wax paper over his mouth. I was thinking of getting one until that happened. I'd need it to be loud to wake up, and I do not want to start my day with wax paper vocals.

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Anonymous said...

I use an iTunes alarm program from yahoo widgets with my Promedia 2.1s.... and as you know, they are amply loud. :D