Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh now I remember that thing I was gonna blog about last night but the computer was off so I decided I'd do it today but when I woke up I forgot it

I hate Jonas Brothers fans. Now if you don't like me you're probably going to use this as a reason to continue saying that I hate everything (after all, all the things I've said I hated or didn't like are the only things  in the world, so if I hate all of them then I hate everything), but I have pretty good reasons.
To start, just about all of them are tasteless 10 year old girls. What happened to music being not targeted towards children? That way it was easier for people who suck to not get famous. My mom tells me that when she was a kid she liked David Bowie. Was he aimed at kids? Hell no. Did adults like him? Yeah. Then again, when they use clever advertising and marketing to fool the feeble minds of today's kids into liking things, they can take advantage of having invaded the delicate "opinion" part of the small child's brain and make them buy tons of overpriced low quality crap, like shirts and bags and pregnancy tests and soda cans themed after the child-aimed crap. But I digress.
As soon as you insult their perfect, physically attractive Gods of music, they decide to go into a fit of stupidity and immaturity, getting angry because you expose to them the truth of their horrible music tastes. This can multiply itself especially when you break it to them that the only one who isn't ugly is the oldest one, which still isn't saying a whole lot.
They're also pretty stupid and just annoying to see. Tell me, does it comfort you knowing that people who would say "omg jonas brothers are so HOT and i luv their music LOL!!1 there so good and sexy and i loev them omg i watn 2 kill pepl who dont lik them becuz thear the BEST EVAR LOL!! their just gealus bekuz there music isnt this good" exist? Well what I just typed is pretty much the majority of them. Some of them can be so stupid that I consider it amazing that they know how to breathe.

By the way, the Jonas Brothers suck. Now I ask that you please direct some fans of theirs to this blog post so I can laugh at the stupid things they probably have to say.

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