Friday, November 28, 2008

Apple netbook? Yes please.

So analysts are saying that Apple might make a netbook sometime next year. I am all for this. I love netbooks. It's so nice to have a fully functional computer to carry around with you everywhere. I mean I don't actually have one, but I've got my eye on that Acer Aspire One. Still, if Apple made one, that'd be incredible. Knowing me, I would buy it on a whim without thinking, assuming I had the money on release. It'd probably be about $500 knowing Apple, which is about the most I want to spend anyway. I think they could make a pretty great netbook if they decided to go into that market. I mean they went into portable media players and phones, so the next step is (or should be, rather) netbooks. I hope they release one soonish though. I know that if I get a netbook it'll be sometime next year, and it'll be after I've gotten a few other things (namely speakers). Hopefully that'll be enough time for Apple to announce a netbook, or at least enough time for some believable rumors to show up online. Analysts are like wishful thinking, they will either tell you what you want to hear or the opposite of what you want to hear. I get my hopes up when I see some spy shots, "in the wild" shots, descriptions from people who have been useful in the past (Kevin Rose, anyone?) etc. If so much as one of those should show up before I get mine, you can expect me to go into a shell of no-netbooks until there is proof of an Apple one or proof that there won't be an Apple one. If they don't make one though, there's still the Aspire One, which is a really great netbook. The screen is pretty high res and colorful, the speaker's not bad, and it comes in some pretty powerful configurations, especially for it's price and size.

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