Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Blu-Ray, you are annoying.

Does anyone else hate it how it takes weeks to get from turning on your Blu-Ray player to watching the movie? Seriously, I wish it wouldn't take it's time and just get the job done like DVD used to. First it takes like 8 minutes to start up, then another 8 minutes to load the movie (12 minutes if it's the first time watching the movie on that player). Maybe I'm exaggerating, I don't know. Time slows down so much when you're trying to watch a Blu-Ray movie. It's bad enough if it's a casual movie-watching, but if you have friends over or something and you just want to get to  watching the movie, it's even worse. Maybe my dad's player is just screwed up, but my point is that this sucks. Sure, I bet there's a lot of technological flib-flab explaining why  takes this long, but no amount of excuses will make me hate the wait any less. Any amount of logical excuses about this would be like if a sweet old grandma told you a heart warming story about how 9-11 might have benefitted someone. Sure, but 9-11 was still horrible. This is basically the same thing.

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