Sunday, January 18, 2009

50's cars

Specifically 50's Buicks. They're beautiful. I love the styling. The chrome accents look awesome, and I love the bit of white close to the bottom. Why don't they make awesome looking cars anymore? I've been looking at 50's Buicks on Flickr all day and they all look so fantastic. They used to be so iconic, all cars of different brands looking so distinguishable. Now they all look largely the same, save for certain brands having stupid looking grills across their entire line (take Jeep for an example). In fact, grilles seem to be the only distinguishing factor between brands anymore. Different genericars of different brands may have slightly different appearances, but they all look so similar. 50's cars are the best, especially those from Buick and some from Ford. C'mon car companies, can we see some revivals of some amazing 50's cars? I'm not talking new cars with similarities to retro cars. They tried that with the PT Cruiser and it came out horribly wrong. It's like a McDonald's cheeseburger in comparison to a $20 cheeseburger you got at a wonderful restaurant. This might be a bad example though, because there's a number of ways they could make a retro-looking car that's not as sinfully ugly as the Cruiser. But I digress.
If they started remaking all the Buick models from the 50's and just gave some subtle differences (maybe a different name for the car, like instead of  "Special" it could be "Special Revival") to distinguish them from the rarer classics I'd definitely get one. I mean I like these like I like the Mini.
Also, I take back that the PT Cruiser is the ugliest car. I was wrong, I have decided that the ugliest car is actually the PT Cruiser Convertible.

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