Friday, January 16, 2009

Windows 7

Finally, they're getting it right. After six major Windows versions, there's now one I want. It runs well on weak hardware, it's more stable, it's basically got the qualities that made me switch to OS X.
So will I stay on OS X with future computers? Depends on whether or not Apple can top them. They'll sure-as-peas try, because you know how Apple is. I'm definitely getting me a copy of Windows 7 when it's out, though. And I do mean I'm getting one as soon as I can, because Microsoft has made it pretty apparent that they don't want to lose any more users to Mac, so they're really stepping up. You probably know of how they're beta-testing it. If you don't, they're giving a public beta to everyone who wants one. There's millions of beta testers. It can't fail. I haven't gotten the beta though. This is because I don't want to go through installing it (plus my computer doesn't have a DVD burner for to burn the disc image) and I can wait for the final, perfected version. I'll have to clear up quite a bit of hard drive space for it, though. Maybe I'll get a second external drive.
I think I'm going to hold of getting a netbook even longer so I can get one with Windows 7. It'll be a little while, but the wait will pay off when they're pumping out cheap netbooks running Windows 7 at good speeds. Maybe I'll get an iPod Touch to hold myself off for now. That isn't a bad idea. 
Next I'd like to see a Windows 7-esque version of Windows Mobile. Aren't we on version 6 right now anyway? It'd make sense. And if it lives up to the name, then on top of a Windows version I'd want, they'd also have out a mobile OS I'd consider.
And since we're talking about Microsoft, isn't the Zune great? I have no idea why people don't like them. They're just as good, if not better than iPods (though I say the Zune 120 beats the iPod Classic). If I wasn't a Mac user (or if the Zune worked on Macs) I'd probably have gotten the Zune 80 (as it was known at the time) instead of an iPod Classic. After the installation of Windows 7 though I probably still won't get one. It's unfortunate, but I pretty much decided that if I get a new MP3 player, it'd be an iPod Touch.

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