Monday, January 19, 2009

Youtube users who dedicate themselves to people they don't like

So I took down most of my YT videos recently because they were bad. I've gotten a tiny response so far. Some are from people who subscribed and are sad to see them go, but others are from the typical "yor juts sad kuz u cant get any abercrombie" folks. What amazes me about these people is how much free time they have to let me know how much they don't like me. It's clear that someone who didn't like my videos wouldn't subscribe or keep tabs by typical means. Since my old videos are gone though, this can only mean that some people have so much free time that they visit my page often to leave comments I won't read. If that wasn't true, they wouldn't be commenting me now.
I never understood their motives, either. People see one video they don't like, so they go through all my videos to leave some bland insult that doesn't bother me because internet insults are meaningless. What's funny is that when I still read my YouTube comments (after a while I just let my account sit there and didn't pay much attention to it) they were usually something like "DIS GUY HAZ NO LIF!!," and still I never went and left the same comment on all of their videos.
I don't know why I'm posting this, though. It's pretty common knowledge that YouTube is just one big cluster of every person with an IQ below 70, plus a few people who will grow up to do more than work at a convenience store.

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