Friday, January 23, 2009

Voice of the Dollar-Theater

You see, this would have been a better slogan for Altec Lancing because I have never, ever, heard a speaker from them that wasn't absolute shit. Maybe they were good when they still made theater speakers, I wouldn't know. Everything I've heard from them was terrible. Something I've learned to always expect from their speakers is a total disregard for anything over 14khz (which is a shot in the dark, but probably not far off) and most of the sound coming from the cabinet. I'm not going to go on though, I just wanted to complain about "The Voice of the Theater."


Derek said...

Believe it or not, But Altec (not Altec-Lansing)drivers and horns were used in lots of early Klipsch speaker designs, even the Klipschorns. I'm talking late 50s early 60s... They have since failed, been bought and turned to shit.

videoCWK said...

That explains it.