Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DSI coming to the US on April 4 for $180

And for the first time, I'm not excited at all about a new Nintendo system. Not only is this hardly a major upgrade, but I realized the other day that I didn't buy or even consider buying any DS games during 2008. This is because they have failed to come out with any good ones. Not only is it lacking mildly fun games, but it's also lacking really engaging games. I'm talking Pokemon engaging. I didn't get the new Pokemon games because Pokemon games got old around Sapphire. Sure, cameras and a built in music player and SD card slot and browser are all nice, but my main focus when buying a video game system is playing video games with it. I'll get one when I see one or two good games come out. And I do keep my eye on them.
Actually, Nintendo's just kind of sucked in recent years anyway. They lost all the fun. Plus, they've already released all the latest editions of their 1st party series. Mario, SSB (By the way, Brawl was just Melee with worse levels and some boring gimmiks), Animal Crossing, etc. The only one I have is the new Paper Mario which I rarely play and haven't beaten. And 3rd party games for Nintendo systems have been worse than ever.
They're all shitty pieces of shit made by shit developers. Seriously, no one wants to play "TAKE CARE OF SOME HORSES" or "HERE IS A BABY." I've only ever bought one Wii game. It was whatever the Wii Paper Mario was. It was decent at first but got boring and since then the Wii has gathered dust. I think the reason Sega excretes so much Sonic crap on Nintendo systems is because even though new Sonic games are absolute shit, playing them on a Nintendo system makes them better by comparison.
I'm sure if Nintendo fanboys read this, they'd be pissed. But everyone knows it's true. When's the last time you really had tons of fun with your Wii? Not for a while, I bet. I have a friend who's only system was the Wii and was a Nintendo guy his whole life. His mom wouldn't let him get other systems until quite recently. He hated the Wii. There was next to nothing out for it and the future was dull. He sold it and all his games and got a 360 and he has been happier since then. I'm not kidding. Nintendo's trying to save themselves with these "Wii__" games, but they are hardly games, and no amount of Wii___ games will ever make it worth $250.
But I've done a blog post about the Wii before, so I won't go on. Goodbye.

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